Electric vehicle sales surged in Thailand in 2023

Electric vehicle sales surged in Thailand in 2023

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Sales of electric vehicles were turbocharged in Thailand in 2023, surging by 684 percent compared to the previous year, as Thai drivers increasingly take to the new automotive technology.

While the number of electric vehicles (EVs) sold in the Kingdom last year was modest at 78,314, it represented a stunning jump from the 9,729 sold in 2022, and it signaled that Thai consumers are overcoming their hesitation to switch from traditional gas-powered cars and trucks.

Furthermore, Bangkok will soon have a fleet of 4,000 electric buses. And even some of Thailand's famed tuk-tuks, the three-wheeled taxis known for noisy engines and spewing exhaust, have gone electric.

Furthermore, the 78,000-plus EVs amounted to 12 percent of the 634,948 total vehicles registered in the Kingdom last year, a significant slice of the market.

Although models of Tesla EVs have been increasingly seen on the streets of Bangkok, Chinese EV makers led the pack.

China's BYD topped the list with 30,650 EVs sold last year, followed by Neta with 12,777 EVs and MG in third with 12,764. Tesla was the fourth top-selling make in Thailand with 8,206 cars, while Ora of Great Wall Motor rounded out the top five with 6,746 electric cars sold.

Tesla may start gaining ground soon, however. Company executives have traveled to Thailand to look for investment opportunities as well as possible locations in the Kingdom for EV manufacturing plant, after Elon Musk discussed the business opportunities in Thailand with Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin during the Prime Minister’s visit to the U.S. for UNGA in New York last year.

Auto industry analysts have urged the Thai government to keep tax incentives and rebates in place for consumers who buy EVS to maintain the sales momentum and solidify the switch to new auto technology in the Kingdom.